How to rethink everything after the pandemic

How to rethink everything after the pandemic

Jill Schlesinger's new book explores how millions of Americans are re-thinking how they want to live, spend and set their priorities in the wake of COVID-19.
Jill Schlesinger (Photo: Kerry Kehoe)

The podcast is back this week with the first new episode since February.

I’m breaking my radio silence with a special guest. Jill Schlesinger reports on personal finance for CBS television and radio, and she’s the host of the very popular radio show Jill on Money. She has just published The Great Money Reset - Change your Work, Change your Wealth, Change Your Life, a book about how to re-think - well, everything in the wake of the pandemic.

I interviewed Jill for a recent New York Times story about starting a business later in life. That story was about how solo entrepreneurship can improve your retirement, by helping you delay a Social Security claim and saving and investing. These strategies are a central theme of Retirement Reboot.

Jill offered some wonderful insights about how to engineer a transition like that from a financial standpoint. But her book goes much wider than that. In this podcast interview, we discussed some of the transitions that have been meaningful in Jill’s own life, and I made sure to get some good financial tips that I hope you’ll find helpful.

I’ll be back with more podcast episodes later in the summer, and the newsletter will be arriving in your inbox periodically between now and Labor Day. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jill Schlesinger.

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Retirement Reboot: The podcast

Earlier this year, I produced a series of six podcast episodes focusing on the key themes of Retirement Reboot. It includes episodes on Social Security optimization, navigating Medicare, saving for retirement and more. You can find all six episodes here, or Apple Podcasts, Spotify or IHeart Radio.

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