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Hey Mark,

Just finished Episode 2. I was working out on the Peloton, not so much to make my live longer (that might make it more expensive) but to have whatever life there is more healthy, hoping that at the end I can go off a cliff and NOT experience that large expenditure those last 18 months (I really laughed when you and Steve were talking about that big expenditure spike and you wondered what you had done wrong - ALL of US seem to stumble through that!!).

I’ve been reading Steve Vernon for years. And I’m a paying user of NewRetirement.

I may go ahead and get your book if you really dive into reverse mortgages and the like. Even though my financial planner includes my house as an asset (about 1/4 of total, with housing values back down) I kind of ignore it. My general thinking is it would be the source of long-term care funds.

We have not yet considered down-sizing as we get to much satisfaction from our large yard (and though the house is 2-story it is not huge for 2 people @ 2400 sq ft.

The discussion with Steve Vernon and social security claiming was interesting and I’m looking forward to your next episode. I concluded my IRAs had gone down enough in value that as I was withdrawing from them it was at a huge discount. I’m a year-and-a-half past FRA, so the relative additional gain from waiting is dropping quite a bit. I guess that decision is not final since I submitted to SS in early Dec for a Jan start and there is no word from them yet.

Anyway - GREAT discussion!!


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