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Appreciate you writing this thoughtful piece on the little-discussed challenge of planning for potential long-term care costs. You raise really important considerations.

While some physical decline may be inevitable as we age, scientists like David Sinclair argue aging itself is more plastic than we realized. On my own Substack, https://seeforever.substack.com/, I explore emerging research showing lifestyle choices can profoundly impact how long we live healthy, vigorous lives before needing assistance.

Steps like exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and purpose can compress that period of dependence - allowing more to enjoy financially stable older years through continued work or prudent early savings.

Of course personal habits are only one part of the solution. Insurance options and policy must also evolve to address this issue, as you rightly point out.

But I believe realizing the vision of 100 as the new 80 starts with changing attitudes around proactive aging. Your article will help wake folks up to make wise financial plans. I try to motivate the small daily actions to extend high quality lifespan. Together these approaches can ease long term care challenges. Your post is packed full of great content that I've even cross posted it to mine. Thanks again for posting such useful content..

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